Review of the most popular solutions and technologies in the industry.
Exchange of experience and networking between decision makers

September 11 I 2019 I Moscow Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat
The Russian Oil and Gas Summit is an access to new opportunities. This is an event that will speed your route to business prosperity. Only those who shape the future of the industry are present here. Make yourself known at the Russian Oil and Gas Summit.
This is an opportunity to find potential customers during 1 day for many years to come.
This is first-hand information: you will learn about advanced technologies and scientific developments in the industry.
This is a meeting place with business owners: get an expert opinion and solve any practical questions.
This is a platform where leaders and managers will gather. They are ready to cooperate and are able to make decisions on the spot.
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The result of the participation in the Summit
Presentation of your solutions and equipment
Review of advanced solutions from scientific institutions
New contract arrangements
Access to industry information from community experts
Experience exchange with colleagues
Interaction with government organizations
New contacts of potential customers and partners
New prospects for business development
Why is it necessary to participate?
Participation in the Summit is one of the best investments in the development of your business, which will pay back in the first 3 months after the participation.
You have access to the contacts of the key participants of the Summit
Make contracts
You communicate with market colleagues who are interested in developing their business and are ready for dialogue. This is an objective opportunity to make profitable contracts
Receive feedback on your developments, implementations, technologies from industry experts
Oil and gas industry practitioners are looking at your development from different angles. In the live discussion, you get full feedback. You leave the Summit with a complete view of the integrated development of the project. Moreover: watching the analysis of other technologies you will understand how to apply them yourselves
Solve topical issues
The major companies will share their personal experience and advise real ways to overcome this or that situation. In one day you will learn a lot of useful information that will help to transform your business and accelerate its developmentКрупнейшие компании поделятся личным опытом и посоветуют реальные шаги по выходу из той или иной ситуации. За один день вы узнаете много полезной информации, которая поможет трансформировать бизнес и ускорить его рост
Enhance the company's image
Participation in the Summit confirms the seriousness of your business. You increase brand awareness in a professional environment and strengthen the company's position
Accents of the Russian Oil and Gas Summit
At the forum you will discuss the latest industry trends and share experiences in the following areas.
Congress «Development Outlook of the Oil Refining in Russia»
Technical session "Modernization program for oil refinery: projects, technologies, innovations"
Thematic session "Innovations in oil refining"

Roundtable discussions "Industrial Safety"
Panel discussion "Tasks of oil refining and possibilities of Russian and scientiific design companies"
Among Summit Speakers 2018
Nina Adamova
Maxim Grosul
Höle Conrad
EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH
Vladimir Kapustin
Gubkin University
Alexander Trofimov
Alexey Raikov
Edward Granovsky
Igor Margulis
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For our part We will
Select reports on topics of interest to you with a practical orientation. For this we will use real requests from representatives of industry companies. No unnecessary formalism and philosophy of high matters. Only practice and effective solutions.
We will make an instruction for you that will help you to get the most out of the participation in private events. For you not just "to be present" at the forum, but to get the result.
We will organize business meetings with the proper companies. A manager who has received a special training in conducting business meetings will work with you. He will competently introduce you so that the participants will communicate with great attention and become your regular customers.
We will hold 3 coffee breaks of 30 minutes each so that you can negotiate with partners.
What do they say about our conferences?

For objectivity, we suggest that you have a look at the reviews of heads of companies who participated in the previous conference. How are they satisfied with the result?
I participate in this event for the first time. It was very interesting and multifaceted. Many experts from related areas gathered, there were many our competitors (direct and indirect). It was interesting to see colleagues' developing, what new ideas and approaches have appeared. It was very nice and interesting.
Alexander Shishkin
Lukoil –Nizhegorodniinefteproekt
To attend your event is a great pleasure. This is a good platform to find new contacts, to communicate with very different people working in absolutely different areas, and not only to learn something new, but also to be inspired by new ideas ... Thank you very much, it was really interesting.
Tatyana Maryutina
Time unit
My expectations were met. I expected that we, as the representatives of G-TEAM company, would be able to meet with Russian partners, major energy companies and holding companies. We really managed to get acquainted with many of the largest and best Russian companies. This will help us a lot in the future to build relationships with companies. Therefore, ENSO team did an excellent job on all fronts... The advantage of ENSO congresses is that the best experts of the country speak here. It is difficult to choose one best performance, since everyone will find what interests him. When a reporter speaks, you can be sure that this is top-class, regarding knowledge and comprehension of problems.
Filip Scherf
Participation in the Summit was very useful for us. The event was superbly organized from start to finish. It was interesting to meet new customers and meet old partners.
Matthias Nestler
Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH
Choose a convenient participation format
The Russian Oil and Gas Summit is a private event for those who actually determine the future of the industry and intend to raise the bar for further growth.

We invite you to become a member.
Moscow Marriott Hotel New Arbat
32 Novy Arbat Street
Special offer on booking rooms for Summit participants
According to the results of an independent study by the agency insideconference ENSO in 2018 was ranked among the TOP 100 conference organizers in the Russian market, including among foreign players operating in Russia.

ENSO has more than 7 years of experience in organizing and conducting closed industry events in the Summit format.

Under the Summit, we do not mean the meeting of heads of state and corporations, but the meeting of decision makers in the development strategy of companies, the introduction of new technologies, the procurement of equipment and the conclusion of partnership agreements.

Among the participants of our events are constantly present as strategic managers (general directors, development directors, commercial directors, etc.) and technical managers (technical directors, chief geologists and engineers, etc.)
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